Representative Investments


Current Investments 



Arch Capital Group


Otter Capital invested in October 2001 in a $763 million equity capital raising by Arch Capital Group (, a Bermuda public limited company [Nasdaq:ACGL] with insurance and reinsurance subsidiaries in Bermuda and the United States.  Mr. Pasquesi serves as Vice Chairman of Arch.  Arch now has equity capital of $11.0 billion and an investment portfolio of $20.0 billion.





BioConsortia ( uses a proprietary R&D platform to discover and develop innovative microbial communities (consortia) to improve crop trait performance and increase crop yield.  The microbial consortia are designed to be applied as seed treatments or soil additives.  Mr. Pasquesi is a director of BioConsortia.



Decimal, Inc.

Decimal, d/b/a Ubiquity Retirement ( provides recordkeeping and administration for 401k and other retirement plans for small businesses.  Decimal has also developed a recordkeeping software platform for the retirement industry.  Mr. Pasquesi is a director of Decimal.




GLMX ( has developed a web-based trading platform for money market trading designed for the specific needs of institutional investors and funding managers.  Mr. Pasquesi is a director of GLMX.



Green & Grow Inc.


Green & Grow ( has developed a range of products under the name Agriplier® that improve production of many crops.  The Agriplier® products are based on non-living, non-toxic, microbe derived by-products.  Mr. Pasquesi is a director of Green & Grow.




Inguran LLC, d/b/a Sexing Technologies ( is the world’s leading provider of sexed semen to the dairy and other livestock industries.  Sexing Technologies’ patented process allows dairy farmers to determine the gender of the offspring.  Mr. Pasquesi is a director of Inguran.



NewLeaf Symbiotics


NewLeaf Symbiotics ( ) develops microbial products that promote plant health.  NewLeaf focuses its research and development on a prevalent family of beneficial bacteria - pink pigmented facultative methylotrophs (m-trophs).  NewLeaf has broad knowledge and patents related to m-trophs.  Mr. Pasquesi serves as chairman of the board of directors of NewLeaf.




Nor1 ( ) provides its patented eStandby Upgrade service to leading hotel chains including Hilton, InterContinental and Carlson Hotels.  eStandby uses software and sophisticated analytics to provide customized upgrade offers to hotel guests.  Mr. Pasquesi is a director of Nor1.





Rev360 ( provides a number of services to eyecare professionals to make their practices more efficient.  Rev360’s flagship product is Revolution EHR, the leading cloud based Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management Software (PMS) system.  Mr. Pasquesi is a director Rev360’s parent company.



Spinnaker Insurance Company


Spinnaker ( is an insurance company focused on catastrophe exposed US homeowners program business.  Mr. Pasquesi is a director of Spinnaker’s parent company. 



Exited Investments 





AgraQuest ( discovers, develops, manufactures and markets highly effective biopesticides and other products for agricultural and other markets.  In 2012 Bayer CropScience acquired AgraQuest for $425 million.  Mr. Pasquesi previously served as chairman of the board of directors of AgraQuest.



Arena Solutions


Arena Solutions ( offers a cloud-based product development platform that includes integrated PLM, Supply Chain Collaboration, ALM and QMS functionality.  Arena was sold in 2017 to JMI Equity.



Equity Risk Partners


Equity Risk Partners ( is the only full-service insurance brokerage and risk management firm focused exclusively on the private equity industry.  Equity Risk Partners was acquired by Hub International in 2016.  Mr. Pasquesi previously served as a director of Equity Risk Partners. ( is a leading online retailer offering discount brand-name merchandise.  Otter Capital invested in in March 2002. completed its IPO in June 2002 [Nasdaq:OSTK].



WSA Global Holdings

WSA Global Holdings owns and operates The WSA Show, the largest footwear and related accessories trade show in the world.  Otter Capital invested in WSA in 2006.  In 2007 WSA Global Holdings was acquired by ENK International, a leading operator of trade shows in the fashion and accessories industry.  ENK was subsequently acquired by Advanstar (